IN PROGRESS: [INCEST] BY […], written by Johan B. Vandenblink-Taselaar: Winter 2009, stand-up comedian Christina Admiral (44) should be a content and happy person. She has just signed a million-dollar contract with Comedy Central to produce her own tv-series. This funny lady is odd, isn’t she? During an interview with Jimmy Fallon she keeps dropping the phrase “If I kill my dad, I’ll die..” Is Admiral crazy or ill? Or is it just a strange joke? [contact: @jbgvandenblink)



SCHWARZES GOLD/TOR! (Black Gold/Goal! - Wt) tells a story about a soccer player who is very successful but also target for fascist hooligans. When the black football star is found dead, all fingers point at the Nazi hooligans. Even the investigator wants the catch a suspect from that scene. Media and politics also blame those Nazis. A suspect is found and even no evidence is found, the Nazi is guilty. A well-known lawyer tries to help the suspect and discovers a horrible secret. The foot ball star was a child soldier in Central Africa. Meanwhile confesses the Nazi hooligan, suspect, murder.

TON, STEIN UND SKLAVE (Stone Slave - wt) features a cold case. During demolition work of an old brickworks a corpse is found. The project manager informs the police and because of rumours they start an investigation just in case. Mid seventies some workers from Yugoslavia lives in a building near the factory in lousy circumstances. It looked more like a camp and older people in the nearby village had different feelings about he foreigners. On one hand they like their work ethics on the other hand the ‘yugo’s ‘ were criminal and had distanced minds. One specific worker disappeared in 1979. He would move back to Yugoslavia but co-workers went to the police because they suspect a crime. Short later, near Vienna, another corpse is found. It seems to be Miroslav Ivanovic, a former war criminal. He is the son of the 'brick works victim'. And known to one of the detectives.

[contact: +Gertjan Vandenblink)


Pieces by pieces the tv-script with the temporally title ‘Mord im Traum’ is about to complete. Written by Johan B. Vandenblink-Taselaar. Wolfgang Kaiser-Mühlecker will editing the first version.

Short synopsis: a farmer fights with insomnia. He is afraid to sleep because his dreams will happen in real life. It use to make no sense as long the farmer dreamed about innocent situations until he saw once a murder rape in his dreams. Through therapy he learns to manipulate his dreams in a way, to deal with it. 15 years later the farmer gets a heart attack during a terrible dream. He sees a young girl getting raped and murdered. Two weeks later the same scene repeats in reality. The farmer who survived the stroke tells his wife about the dream and composes later a picture of the killer. All eyes and fingers turn on a bass player who performed the night before the killing. This guy performed coincidentally with his band in the same town 15 years ago. Everything turns out complete unexpected and the story develops in an opposite directions. The investigators will make their greatest mistake in their professional life. [UPDATE: a fragment of this synopsis was used for an episode of TATORT - maybe by accident. contact: +Gertjan Vandenblink)

BEST $ELLER by Johan B.Vandenblink-Taselaar

IN PROGRESS: BEST $ELLER by Johan B. Vandenblink-Taselaar: Bert $eller became a well-known rapper and hip hop artist during the nineties. As Best $eller his song “I Hate Capitalism” released he did have a short career as bass player in grind core / black metal band BLAKKEM BLAKK. $eller quits making music short after his second hip hop album. Why? On his way to a talk show to answer this question twenty years later he stops by at a pub. Just for a small snack but $eller get welcomed by some people he used to know very well… from a dark, very dark past? (227 pages, incl. guest artists, release end 2019, contact: +Gertjan Vandenblink)


What use to be a title for some comic strip gags and later supposed to be realized via crowfunding as a comic book series, TOD KOMISCH (COMIC DEATH) will concepted as a crime TV-series. First series will features the same main characters as the original comic book series: KAUZ and GEYER. A former private eye, chaotic, but relaxed as hell. Kauz also seems to be able to communicate with animals. His partner-in-crime is a wanna-be rock star, an untalented guitar player and always ask questions. Sometimes retoric. Sometimes straight to the point. Geyer is also religious and a health-freak.
The TV-series will be animated but a real-life test-episode will also be made. Production starts end 2018.

[contact: Johan B. Vandenblink-Taselaar (producer 813911 Media)

ANOTHER AUSTRIA by Hans Vandenblink

SOON AVAILABLE: ANOTHER AUSTRIA by Hans (Johan B.G.) Vandenblink: Does a national identity or even an idea of a country exist? Beside the natural (human) progression and evolution can people even be judged by its citizenship? Are Hans’ memories accurate? Or did he lived in an afterward created fantasy country? During the eighties Hans has lived in some villages in upper-Austria. Beside some good memories he also knows something bad has happened back then. Shall he be confronting his past? Will people he use to know help to answer the main question? Hans moves back for a while. Will he accept the hard facts? [part graphic novel – part novel]      

EDGAR COLE by Johan B.Vandenblink-Taselaar

SOON AVAILABLE: EDGAR COLE by Johan B. Vandenblink-Taselaar: Belgian journalist Peter De Snelle has travelled to Vienna to interview the legendary guitarist Edgar Cole. Cole recorded his first record in 1959. During his long career Cole played many different styles of music. Before De Snelle can ask an question, he notes that the guitarist died. In panic De Snelle left the hotel. At the Schwechat airport he spot somebody. It seems to be Edgar Cole! Or is the reporter mistaken? Still in doubt, De Snelle was arrested by the police. Did Peter De Snelle killed Edgar Cole? [tv-script] [contact: +Gertjan Vandenblink

BUNGA BUNGA by Freddie Brupan

SOON AVAILABLE: BUNGA BUNGA by Freddie Brupan: Frederica Constanze thinks she saw her husband at a fancy diner with an attractive young girl. Slightly jealous Frederica asks Fonzo Constanze, secretary of state, who’s that pretty girl. “Just an intern.”, Fonzo responses. Mrs. Constanze accepts the answers from her husband with doubt. Then Fonzo Constanze and intern Claudia Stronzo get killed…. [contact: +Freddie Brupan)

EURROR II by Freddie Brupan

SOON AVAILABLE: EURROR II by Freddie Brupan: John Johns works as an employee for a multi-international. He rarely knows his colleagues which he prefers. One day Johns enters his work environment and there is panic surround his working space. “Johns is dead!”, one colleague yells. Johns doesn’t get it. What’s happening? Nobody notice him, even his screams aren’t heard. Is Johns a ghost now? What happened? Why would somebody kill a speechless person? 

SELFIE by Freddie Brupan

SOON AVAILABLE: SELFIE by Freddie Brupan: Student Rona Klaver lost her cell phone but she needs being connectable for her part time job. So she buys a second hand simlock free phone. Before she was about to change the sim card she discovers the phone still works. By curiosity she checks all media on the cell phone. There is just one selfie. Rona recognizes the face: is it the bomber in a Jewish museum? 


IN PROGRESS: 144, a novel by Freddie Brupan

A Russian hitman turns into a serial killer. After he killed his 144th victim, in 144 countries, he wants to quit. But can he quit? Will he be caught? Why does he like to kill? He should have been caught easily because he has left his DNA at the scene of the crime. When he should eliminate a child, he quits. But not without any trouble. The hunter becomes the hunted. Also by his victims. [novel - contact: +Freddie Brupan)


IN PROGRESS: Bitte lächeln!

TV-script by Freddie Brupan, comic by Freddie Brupan and QX Oryx
Somewhere in Germany two corpses are found by accident. Although both girls were killed years ago there are a couple connections: they don't have teeth anymore and they died at the young age of 27. Is the killer a teeth collector? Are these girls the missing wives of two football players? [contact: +Freddie Brupan)


IN PROGRESS: Meiner Deinung
TV script by Freddie Brupan, comic by Freddie Brupan and QX Oryx
After beeing a guest at a talk show cartoonist XARP gets hit by a car and dies. XARP's edgy and mean cartoons can be the reason why somebody wants to kill the artist. But also his ex-girlfriend, extremists or political correct people could be driving that car. Two weeks later another guest of the same tv-talkshow died after a car accident. Is there a connection or just a co-incident? What can be a reason to kill somebody? [contact: +Freddie Brupan)


Synopsis tv-script PRAXX: 

Leaving a TV-show cartoonist Praxx, who draws insulting cartoons for a satire magazine and a daily newspaper, is killed in a traffic accident. The driver escapes. Is Praxx killed? He does have a lot of enemies, even a secretary of State did response in a talk show quit in a murderous vocabulary. Even a terrorist attack can be possible. On the other hand seems Praxxs background and personallity also be a reason to kill the cartoonist. A lot of questions for the investigators with a surprising answer... (© copyright 1999-2014) [contact: +Gertjan Vandenblink)


CC Ziriuz will be a TV-comedy in a satirical and humorous mood, located in a rock club. A new guy gets to work at CC Ziriuz just after the new building has opened. The staff contains a dozen different personalities with even more moods, backgrounds and manners.

On his first day at work he meets Suzanne. Everybody calls her ‘sexy Suzanne’ and even knowing that the ‘new guy’ has a girlfriend, Suzanne’s on the hunt. Careless. Daylight appears and empty bottles stares at ‘the new guy’. What the hell has happened? Where is he? Suzanne just smiles. As everybody the next morning at work. At the same time, one of the promoters has discovered he is getting deaf....

Johan B.Vandenblink-Taselaar does put some inspirations from his former day job but all stories are fiction. He also hopes that in case the series comes to television that he also can advise the producers which bands and artists should perform. [contact: +Gertjan Vandenblink)


Copyright mentions 1994 but even the author can’t remind when he made the small comic album. ‘Sjakie’s Schaduw’ (written in 1982/1983) is the fourth episode in the Oeneman series (Herr Kauz/Mr. 0). Oeneman, a lame detective, gets involved in an abstract murder case and deals with a very strange suspect (inspirited on the Fox character of the late Kiss-drummer Eric Carr).
Title: ‘Monster Cat’. No, this adventure isn’t inspired by another former Kiss-member (Peter Criss) but based on some real-life hilarious situations. The cat called LORD.


Amadeo Amadei (based on Italian soccer player Amedeo Amedei) is a comic strip made by QX Oryx. Amadei is the star player for FC Mierlo, a fictive soccer team from the Netherlands or Belgium. This comic strip will be a satirical parody on the so-called serious European soccer media. The main figures aren’t human beings but ants! Ants who has just one human behaviour; they can talk. [contact: +Pierre Editeur)


She looks pretty, or doesn’t she? All we know is that she appears on television daily to ask viewers stupid questions and she keeps on ordering to call. Yes, Simone Van Der Schoonere is one of those call TV chicks although you become her. You see through her eyes and you also deal with her colleagues, friends and wanna-be-friends. Simone is quiet lonely too. All her relationships failed which isn’t that strange: she is a bitch. Aren’t we all kind of bitches? In WIN27.TV/Mooi Geval’ you – as reader – are certainly. You also get the change to take a view in the TV-world. Author Johan B. Vandenblink-Taselaar wrote a synopsis for a game as well a pilot (called ‘Something beautiful’, which is a translation of ‘Mooi Geval’). (More: win27-tv ) [contact: +Gertjan Vandenblink)


Original Johan B. Vandenblink-Taselaar started Hiro Mort as a synopsis for a movie script but during the process the sketchy scenario turns into a kind of comic.

In an apartment building a journalist notes just by accident that he didn't see his neighbour for a long time. He wonders why and starts a small investigation. His mysterious neighbour turns out to be a well-known manga artist in Japan who had published books in the nineties. Surfing the net the reporter discovers a blog of the artist. One of the small movies contains a cruel scene… Has the manga artist shot himself in front of a webcam? Why did the journalist never hear about it? Or is this story and are these images just fake? [contact: +Gertjan Vandenblink)
Between 1986 and 1996 Freddie Brupan wrote and drawed six small comic booklets which were published in Denmark, Germany, UK, Canada, South-Africa and Peru. Just a limited edition and most titles were just photo copies. QX Oryx and JAY are upgrading the art work.
Next year you'll be able to order the whole series.


Several illustrated episodes about a guy who works at a rock venue as promotor. When he suffers from an unknown disease, he gets ill by hearing music, he has to act. Will he survive in his job? What about sex, drugs and rock 'n roll?

Text/drawings: Guido Saladillo (1999) and QX Oryx (2017)
Release date: January 2018

fragment SHE/ANGST (2010 - JAY&KLEPP)

Fragment uit Een Moordenaar Sterft... (2010)

fragment uit PLAKMAN (Traegh & De Snelle, 1988/2010/2014 ©Vlaamse Gaai Uitgeverij)