SCHWARZES GOLD/TOR! (Black Gold/Goal! - Wt) tells a story about a soccer player who is very successful but also target for fascist hooligans. When the black football star is found dead, all fingers point at the Nazi hooligans. Even the investigator wants the catch a suspect from that scene. Media and politics also blame those Nazis. A suspect is found and even no evidence is found, the Nazi is guilty. A well-known lawyer tries to help the suspect and discovers a horrible secret. The foot ball star was a child soldier in Central Africa. Meanwhile confesses the Nazi hooligan, suspect, murder.

TON, STEIN UND SKLAVE (Stone Slave - wt) features a cold case. During demolition work of an old brickworks a corpse is found. The project manager informs the police and because of rumours they start an investigation just in case. Mid seventies some workers from Yugoslavia lives in a building near the factory in lousy circumstances. It looked more like a camp and older people in the nearby village had different feelings about he foreigners. On one hand they like their work ethics on the other hand the ‘yugo’s ‘ were criminal and had distanced minds. One specific worker disappeared in 1979. He would move back to Yugoslavia but co-workers went to the police because they suspect a crime. Short later, near Vienna, another corpse is found. It seems to be Miroslav Ivanovic, a former war criminal. He is the son of the 'brick works victim'. And known to one of the detectives.

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