Pieces by pieces the tv-script with the temporally title ‘Mord im Traum’ is about to complete. Written by Johan B. Vandenblink-Taselaar. Wolfgang Kaiser-Mühlecker will editing the first version.

Short synopsis: a farmer fights with insomnia. He is afraid to sleep because his dreams will happen in real life. It use to make no sense as long the farmer dreamed about innocent situations until he saw once a murder rape in his dreams. Through therapy he learns to manipulate his dreams in a way, to deal with it. 15 years later the farmer gets a heart attack during a terrible dream. He sees a young girl getting raped and murdered. Two weeks later the same scene repeats in reality. The farmer who survived the stroke tells his wife about the dream and composes later a picture of the killer. All eyes and fingers turn on a bass player who performed the night before the killing. This guy performed coincidentally with his band in the same town 15 years ago. Everything turns out complete unexpected and the story develops in an opposite directions. The investigators will make their greatest mistake in their professional life. [UPDATE: a fragment of this synopsis was used for an episode of TATORT - maybe by accident. contact: +Gertjan Vandenblink)