CC Ziriuz will be a TV-comedy in a satirical and humorous mood, located in a rock club. A new guy gets to work at CC Ziriuz just after the new building has opened. The staff contains a dozen different personalities with even more moods, backgrounds and manners.

On his first day at work he meets Suzanne. Everybody calls her ‘sexy Suzanne’ and even knowing that the ‘new guy’ has a girlfriend, Suzanne’s on the hunt. Careless. Daylight appears and empty bottles stares at ‘the new guy’. What the hell has happened? Where is he? Suzanne just smiles. As everybody the next morning at work. At the same time, one of the promoters has discovered he is getting deaf....

Johan B.Vandenblink-Taselaar does put some inspirations from his former day job but all stories are fiction. He also hopes that in case the series comes to television that he also can advise the producers which bands and artists should perform. [contact: +Gertjan Vandenblink)