She looks pretty, or doesn’t she? All we know is that she appears on television daily to ask viewers stupid questions and she keeps on ordering to call. Yes, Simone Van Der Schoonere is one of those call TV chicks although you become her. You see through her eyes and you also deal with her colleagues, friends and wanna-be-friends. Simone is quiet lonely too. All her relationships failed which isn’t that strange: she is a bitch. Aren’t we all kind of bitches? In WIN27.TV/Mooi Geval’ you – as reader – are certainly. You also get the change to take a view in the TV-world. Author Johan B. Vandenblink-Taselaar wrote a synopsis for a game as well a pilot (called ‘Something beautiful’, which is a translation of ‘Mooi Geval’). (More: win27-tv ) [contact: +Gertjan Vandenblink)