What use to be a title for some comic strip gags and later supposed to be realized via crowfunding as a comic book series, TOD KOMISCH (COMIC DEATH) will concepted as a crime TV-series. First series will features the same main characters as the original comic book series: KAUZ and GEYER. A former private eye, chaotic, but relaxed as hell. Kauz also seems to be able to communicate with animals. His partner-in-crime is a wanna-be rock star, an untalented guitar player and always ask questions. Sometimes retoric. Sometimes straight to the point. Geyer is also religious and a health-freak.
The TV-series will be animated but a real-life test-episode will also be made. Production starts end 2018.

[contact: Johan B. Vandenblink-Taselaar (producer 813911 Media)